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MetroOffice architecture was established in Florence in 2006. Its main founders were Fabio Barluzzi (1966) and Barbara Ponticelli (1970), who decided to continue their previous collaboration, which had begun nine years before, in the office "z-ax architetti". Both of them graduated with full marks at the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture. Their main concern is architectural design on different scales, from analysis of a single residential unit to the development of city planning and all the various models deriving from that. Since the beginning of their activity, their research has been oriented towards the experimenting with new kinds of language, even inside already consolidated historical contexts. Their work is trying to analyze all the interactions intervening, from time to time, betweeen the housing function and the social and urban ones. They're still taking part in numerous architectural competitions, from which they're gaining both national prizes. In their works, they intend to offer an original typologic solution, analyzing from time to time, shape, modes of expression, different languages, phenomena such as urban density and reduction, always trying to capture the driving impulse, as a real source of energy for the development of the project. One can see from their various works, realised both in Italy and abroad, that there emerges a willingness of to carry out an analytical approach and a concrete attitude to subject design.

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MetroOffice Architetti

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