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MetroOffice Architetti, founded in 2006 by Fabio Barluzzi and Barbara Ponticelli as architectural firm based in Florence, has been then added to the engineering company MetroOffice S.r.l.s since 2017. The studio has always been involved in architectural design on different scales, from the analysis of a single residential unit to the development of industrial plants and all the various models that derive from it, from the design of a piece of furniture to the retail project.


At the base of every type of work, the studies of all the interactions are fundamental, those that work between the various functions, the public and private spheres, or the aesthetics of an object and its real functioning.
The intention is to offer an original typological solution by analyzing form, expressive methods, different languages, even within consolidated historical contexts, and always trying to capture the driving impulse, as a true source of energy for the development of the project.


Since 2012 the professional activity has focused on the rebranding of some companies particularly involved in the fashion world.
The work, typologically different depending on the case, aims to make the identity of the industrial realities concerned coincide with the needs of those who work in the production space.


The approach not only involves an accurate analysis of the brand and the collection, with the subsequent creation of a customized concept for the company, but, at the same time, the targeted study of the production spaces. In the design phase, Lean Thinking therefore becomes the guiding element for the rationalization of flows and work spaces, in order to carry out interventions that guarantee collaboration and interaction between the skills involved, fluidity in work and distribution and the quality of the working environments.


The experience in this specific sector is varied and it is easy to demonstrate how this practice has improved the quality of work and the economic income for the company that performed it. For privacy reasons, no type of data regarding the amount of work for each of the interventions described has been disclosed, but it tends to specify that times and costs agreed with the client have always been respected. MetroOffice S.r.l. avails itself of the consolidated collaboration with specific professional profiles for each of the practical tasks useful for the drafting and the execution of a project, from survey to project management, from geology to structural and plant engineering.


Carlotta Menegoni

Virginia Marini

Francesca Petricci

Ilaria Cioni


Caterina Biondi

Mattia Ciardullo

Giulia Corradini

Cristina Matteucci

Roberto Masini

Interpro s.r.l.


Ludovica Aringhieri, Miguel Lopez Herrera, Serena Nenciarini, Leonardo Masala, Alberto Becherini, Annelise Donati, Carlos Loggia, Cinzia Cossu, Cristina Razzanelli, Marco Aurelio Postacchini, Marco Franchini, Maria Chiara Fiordispino, Santo Curcio, Virginia Viti

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